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Dear Enquirer,

I established this practice in 1970, determined to offer an efficient and effective service at good value fees.

Since graduation I had been aware of the anxiety many people have about Dentistry and the apprehension they have prior to having treatment. Like my namesake William Morton, the American Dentist who discovered anaesthesia, I had an early interest in anaesthesia and sedation, and have offered this to all nervous patients. Techniques have evolved into sedation only since then. They are very safe and pleasant to experience. Once we have regained the confidence of anxious patients we wean them off the techniques. They are invariably proud to become “normal” patients.

Another interest of mine has been Implantology. Since 1974 I have been offering titanium implants to replace lost teeth. At this time few Universities were teaching Dental Implants so we were one of the earliest practices to pioneer these treatments.

Since then we have grown into one of the largest practices in London. I now have twelve Associates who all share my philosophy of patient care with an enthusiastic team of 16 nurses who help them and our patients at all stages of the visits. Our surgeries are spacious and well equipped, mixing the Georgian style of our building with high tech systems. Our forecourt parks about nine cars at a time reserved for our clients.

My son Alex joined the practice in 1996 after seven years of postgraduate study, with Membership of two Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons, a Diploma in Dental Sedation, and a Master of Science in Implantology, he is well placed to carry on the family tradition.

All my other colleagues have special interest and expertise in other aspects of care, so we are able to offer a very comprehensive service within our practice and have carefully selected appropriate external colleagues to refer patients requiring specialist care.

Our practice motto is ” Do it once and do it well”, and our fee schedule is fair. I believe the size of our practice reflects our success and is a testimony to our philosophy. If you try us I am confident you will be glad you did so.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Anthony R. Morton

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