Facial Aesthetics – Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkle reduction and elimination:

Botulinum A toxin used in very small amounts is an effective way of stopping a nerve communicating with the muscle that causes wrinkles, skin lines and furrows . It can selectively deactivate these muscles that cause the ageing lines that you are worried about and give a more relaxed, youthful look.

It has been researched and has been used for more than 20 years during which time it has proved to be safe and effective and is one of the most common non surgical aesthetic procedures used around the world. The treatment takes 15-30 minutes and is pain free although some mild discomfort can be experienced during the treatment. Most clients are able to return to work after the procedure. The effects start within 48 -72 hours , with maximum effect within 2 weeks. The treatment lasts for between 3-6 months.

Side effects are rare. Redness can be experienced, but goes rapidly and rarely bruising can occur. Headaches and a temporary drooping eyelid or eyebrow are very rarely experienced.

Treatment areas include:

Crows feet, around the eyes.
Forehead lines
Frown lines

Dermal fillers:

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin, hydrating it but disappears gradually with age. Dermal fillers are a replacement source of this hyaluronic acid. Juvéderm® is a biodegradable non-animal hyaluronic acid based collagen and is a transparent vis coelastic gel. It is injected directly under the skin and hydrates the dermis giving back the skin its volume and natural form. It can reduce wrinkles and enhance lips, adding volume to your skin. Treatment is quick (15 minutes or more depending on the area), convenient and the results are visible immediately. The dermal filler gets absorbed over time, and the effects of the treatment will last for approximately six months to twelve months depending on the area, age, quality of the skin and the amount injected. Juvéderm® ULTRA also contains a pain reliever, Lidocaine, which makes the treatment process more comfortable.

Side effects are again rare. Most side effects are mild or moderate and resolve within a few days including: redness, bruising, swelling/lump/bumps, discolouration or itching, these can normally be covered up with your usual makeup. There is a small risk of infection at any injection site.

Treatment areas include: Juvederm:

Nasolabial folds
Corners of mouth
Lip enhancement
Smokers lines

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