Dental Implants

The Haven Green Clinic has been placing dental implants since 1974.  We were part of a select group pioneering this technique with success before any universities in the U.K. offered courses or believed in this form of treatment. Now many Dental Schools have post-graduate courses in this well researched and validated field.

The dental implants used today are an accepted modern modality which is the first choice offering restoration of tooth loss. It does so without damaging adjacent or opposing teeth. Their placement also conserves bone by restoring function. Without this stimulating force, bone would resorb and be lost. By sharing the occlusal forces, implants also aid in the conservation of the remaining teeth by reducing overloading.

Although current components and equipment are more user friendly than earlier techniques, placing successful implants requires training and skills with high spatial awareness.  The implants must be placed within the constraints imposed by available bone and avoidance of anatomical hazards, yet in a position to replace teeth functionally and aesthetically.

These skills are developed with experience and study, and techniques must be based on evidence of success. We have many patients with implants which have been functioning for over twenty years, and some with implants placed over 30 years ago!  The technique is now proven beyond doubt. It offers a healthy alternative for tooth loss. Our success rate is above 95% with the evolving techniques we have been using for the last 10 years.

Most implants available today are made from medical grade titanium or its alloys. Other metals like tantalum and vanadium have been tried and also ceramic cylinders have been used, but titanium yields the best results. It is bio-compatible and has the necessary strength.

In our practice we have selected the brand “ASTRA” made by DENSPLY.  This large multinational company has vast resources for research, design and development and has produced superior results to other major designs in extensive recent studies.  We can also service other brands which have failed, but we prefer Astra as our first choice for new cases.

Our Implant team has over 30 years experience in this field with long term success. Highly qualified and experienced, our implantologists use only the best systems to ensure the best results.


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