Our Fees and Payment Schedule

Our Fees and Payment Schedule

Stage I                     £1,500.00 (£150 deposit with booking, balance day of surgery)
Stage II                    £  300.00 (4 or 6 months later)
Stage III                  £  350.00 (2 weeks later)

These fees include our surgical procedures, supply of Astra components and laboratory fees to provide precious metal bonded crowns. Any shade matching at the technician’s laboratory is provided free of charge.


In the anterior region, i.e. the front incisors, all-ceramic crowns (metal free) can be supplied.  These have improved aesthetics.  They require special white abutments and are themselves more expensive to manufacture.  The supplementary fee is £200 per crown.


All our implant treatments are guaranteed against technical mishaps.  Implants require excellent oral hygiene and dietary control.  Smoking, diabetes, and poor oral hygiene may be contra- indications to long-term success.  We screen our patients for health related risk factors, so if you have been accepted as a patient you are suitable, and provided that you maintain good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, you can look forward to many years of service from your implants.

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