Stages of the Surgery

Stage I surgery; placing the titanium implant cylinder.

The gingival soft tissue is reflected and a small cylindrical hole [osteotomy] is drilled to the exact length and diameter of the proposed implant. A healing cap is placed and the wound is sutured.

Most patients experience minimal post-operative discomfort, which is usually less uncomfortable than that following extractions. Accurate drilling and correct implant placement secures good primary stability. This is due to contact of the thread with a slightly smaller diameter drill hole. Long term stability occurs when bone cells grow into microscopic contact with the titanium surface. This process is called osseo-integration and occurs because the titanium is bio-compatible. We allow 3 months for this process in the mandible and 4 months in the maxilla.

Local anaesthesia is usually adequate for most patients, but we can offer intravenous sedation for anxious patients or very extensive treatment sessions. This stage is always performed with experienced operators with post-graduate degrees in Implantology.

Stage II; revealing the implant.

Once again the gum is reflected, the cover screw is removed and a healing abutment is screwed into the implant.  This abutment is trans-mucosal, i.e. it projects through the gum which heals around it.  This healing of soft tissue takes about 2 weeks. Our technique for stage I & II is supported by long term research. Faster techniques may put success at risk.

Stage III; impressions

This is a non-surgical stage. The healing abutment is removed and an impression abutment, which is a lot longer, is screwed into the implant for an impression to be taken.  This is then removed and the healing abutment is replaced.

The impression, together with further implant components, is sent to the laboratory where the final abutment and crown is made.  Abutments can be standard, i.e. supplied from a catalogue, or custom made.

At our practice all our abutments are now made specifically for each individual patient at a special new Astra laboratory in Sweden called “Atlantis”.  These Atlantis abutments insure a superior fit and retention.  The Atlantis abutments are more expensive for us to provide, but are consistent with our policy of high quality, good value treatment, and our motto of “Do it once and do it well”.

Stage IV; fitting the crown.

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