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Price List Updated April 2016
All our private treatment represents superior quality. The end result is aesthetic, healthy, and has a good prognosis. The fee honestly reflects the cost both in time and materials.
As all our materials are standardized at the best quality obtainable, (we do not compromise due to cost), the only variable is laboratory selection, and type of treatment prescribed (eg. type of crown etc).
Our private treatment is guaranteed for two years (whereas our N.H.S. treatment is guaranteed by Statute for one year).
Always bear in mind our practice motto
Private Consultation
New patient examination and discussion of Treatment Plan to include
up to 4 small x-rays and any other diagnostic tests.
Regular patients – fee includes simple cleaning.
Radiography: X-rays
Digital Panoramic Scan (Digital x-rays have much less radiation)
Small X-rays, bitewings (2)
Surgery Time- to cover premises overheads, ancillary staff,
materials and professional staff
Per 1/4 hour
Per 1/2 Hour
Per hour
Failed Appointments per 15 minutes
Oral Hygiene Treatment.
Scale and polish, per visit ( ½ hour with Hygienist). Best value. Compare. Oral hygiene instruction, or scaling with local anaesthetic (time basis see above).
AIRFLOW cleaning [ power blast with silica powder.]
Bleaching – Tooth Whitening
Home Bleaching Kit for multiple use
Includes; 2 Custom-made accurately fitting trays, to bleach upper and lower teeth. 1 box of 4 syringes of 10% Optident gel yielding maximum legal strength. Fluoriguard mouthwash, desensitizing gel, and toothbrush. Full instructions and information.
Fee reduced from £350
Whitening gel refill for future top ups – per box
Composite fillings; [fine plastic filler with quartz crystals]
1 surface
2 surfaces
3 surfaces
Complex shapes – according to surgery time (SEE ABOVE)
Intravenous sedation with Midazolam and full safety monitoring.
Sedation, pre-operative consultation, and the procedure
Relative analgesia, inhalation of Nitrous Oxide [“laughing gas”]
Oral Surgery
Extraction; normal removal of single tooth
From £75
Complex Extraction; surgical removal (according to surgery time) [SEE ABOVE]
Oral Surgery by Yvonna Szysko M.Surg.Dent
Consultation 15 Minutes
Apicectomy (upper anteriors)
Apicectomy (lower anteriors/upper premolars)
Lower wisdom teeth
£150 Lower
Lower wisdom teeth (distally impacted)
Surgical extractions / other teeth
Sinus lift to provide bone for maxillary implants
Endodontics– Root Canal Treatment by general dentists (see article)
Front teeth, incisors (single canal)
Side teeth, premolars (two canals)
Back teeth, molars (multiple canals)
Endodontics by Dr Elia Schirru & Dr G. Tait – Endodontists
Root Canal Therapy
Re-doing existing root on Molars according to complexity
Complete dentures, upper & lower high impact acrylic (extra strength)
Chrome palate additional fee
Complete upper denture only, or full lower denture only
Precision metal partial denture, chrome cobalt
Plastic partial denture –Lucitone — high impact Acrylic)
Valplast –flexible Nylon
from £450
Repairs simple, laboratory only
Repairs Complex (involving surgery time for impression)
Reline and tooth addition
Reline of full upper and lower dentures (Laboratory Processing)
Crowns, Bridges and Gold Inlays (Premier Quality)
Ceramic veneer, Zirconia, E-max
Ceramic crown, Zirconia, E-max
Porcelain/gold bonded crown
Rochette, Maryland, or Adhesive bridge, 2 units
Full gold crown
Bridges porcelain bonded to gold, per unit
Zirconia Bridges per unit
BESPOKE crowns and veneers by Riverside
Individually quoted
Fissure sealing per tooth
Special fee first four molars
Mouth Guards for Sport – Soft, multi-colour upper jaw
Splints to counter grinding – Hard acrylic, lower jaw
Soft bite raiser – Soft acrylic, either jaw
Sleep well, anti-snoring device
Implants by Alex Morton M.Sc. Implant Dentistry
Assessment and consultation
Astra Tech single titanium cylinder and surgery
Astra Tech healing abutment connection
Astra cylinder, abutment and crown
Astra Tech cylinder with Zirconia (white ceramic) & crown
Implant stabilised lower denture, bar or spherical attachment, on 2 implants
Implant stabilised upper denture (usually 4 implants connected by a bar)
Ridge augmentation with synthetic material
Ridge augmentation with synthetic material and bio-membrane
Assessment and consultation, clinical and radiographic examination
Non surgical treatment: full mouth treatment over a minimum of two separate visits. May be coupled with adjunctive antibiotic therapy with additional fees.
Deep Cleaning under local anaesthetic 2 Quadrants
Surgical therapy
Flap surgery per quadrant
May be coupled with tissue regeneration products, which are charged at a separate fee.
Reassessment: Following either treatment (surgical or non-surgical)or period of maintenance the periodontal disease status is reappraised. Radiographs may be taken
Maintenance/Review Appointment: Stability in periodontal
condition is Assessed.
Oral hygiene instruction and full cleaning.
Orthodontics by Richard Williams M.Orth. R.C.S. (see article)
Initial consultation
Full Records
Consultation and full records
Lateral Cephalostat (Side of skull x-ray) if required.
(* – To be included in the total fee if patient proceeds with treatment)
Adult Treatment
Fixed appliances: standard metal brackets
£2000 – £3600
Incognito : white ceramic brackets
£4000 – £7000
InnovationL MTM
£2000 – £3000
Invisalign (removable clear trays)
£3000 – £4500
£1500 – £2500
Child Treatment
Fixed appliances
£1200 – £2600
Removable appliance
Functional appliances

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